Here are five ways to promote your blog for free.

1. Social networks. When the web 2.0 times currently live in, this may seem like a revelation, but many bloggers do not take advantage. Be sure to take advantage of social networks and sites that are more beneficial to you. Create aFacebook fan site, to develop a fan base to promote your blog to Twitter and those social outlets.

2. Article Submission. Similar to social networking, according to an article is another way to get your blog set eyes on her. Stumbleupon seems the best place to blog, but the submission of any other sites are Digg, Mixx and Sphinn. This is also the SEO value by building connections.

3. Customers and sponsored posting. This may be a couple of different benefits to your blog. When they put the hosts, guests often contribute to their seats, and that is why the blog through the various networks. According to the authorities and the entire blog, you can often send rate sponsored.

4.Enhance the content. You should check the placement in search engines every few weeks to see where you are, and continually search for ways to rank higher, new keywords and keywords stregthening present.

5.To participate in blog carnivals. Often you can participate in at least a monthly if not weekly blog carnival. These have two purposes, how to build links and promote your blog. "

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