Enter your keywords in the front and back of your Web pages

Here are a few things about SEO copy keep in mind:
first when it comes to keywords, they are really about is keyword phrases. Fill the second front pages with your fancy keywords will not work. Robot Research see the search phrases and sequences of keywords, keyword proximity to each other, where they appear on the page and synonyms, contextually related keywords. During searchbot do and recognize your joke and there calculate all spam. More than third to make your keywords and make your readers seasick. Vary your sentences and work to make your writing convincing. You can keep the reader in mind and make your web design blogs and search engine friendly without being annoying.

Here are some tips for word inclusion and SEO: Titles 1 keywords should be placed on the top shelf, where is the good thing is always displayed in liquor stores (or "packs" as they say here, around Boston). Put in keywords and titles of your posts, but remember that you are also interested to write persuasive, descriptive titles that draw in readers, you harbor against bots research.

2.Headlines also use your keywords in the titles and put them first when you can. The head should express a complete idea or that's what Sister Mary Agnus taught me to parochial school. If I do not think it was wrong with a rule, it must be true.
3. Sub-sub-headings to break up long blocks of copy, and give readers a white space to help them digitized. It is always best to be clear that cute. I do not always practice what I preach, I admit. Search Bots pay more attention to the headlines, then put your keywords too.

4. Put the text keywords to pages and paragraphs of the opening. While there, anticipate the outcome of words that someone can enter into a search engine and make sure they match your site. If your business is the design of motorcycle engines for drag racers, the keywords might include: motorcycles, drag racing engines. Now, if someone needs an engine invented, which enter a search bar? It is probably something like "motorcycle drag racing engines." This phrase keyword search. Pages should be rich but not keyword keyword density. Search tend to think too much of something good is bad. Some researchers say the word density should vary between 5% and 20% of the words on a page. One could interpret searchbot pages that exceed these figures as spam and ignore them, they say. Sounds good to me.

Search more weight to bold, italic and underlined fonts. Not many authors emphasize copy because readers might confuse these words as links. "You pay your money and you takes your choice, my father said, too often. Omit" Welcome to ... "And" Our company is ... "And other useless words. Get busy and start your sentences with keywords related products and services you sell. Put your keywords in press releases, buying guides, tutorials, manuals, anything you can take your hands. Use HTML and PDF.

5. The numbers and bullets, as I said the other day, readers such as bulleted and numbered lists. They are easy to scan and contain a large amount of information, but not as much concerned real estate. They are places for primary keywords.
6. Connections
Use keywords to links and make your links descriptive. Need more than a click here to continue link. They have to say something sensible, so that the reader knows what a link will take them. Another reason is that it should lead to other sites, using the same keywords you used and which will help to improve the flag a bit 'more. As I said the other day, the links also break blocks to copy and help the reader to browse.
7. Call to Action that PROFS-writing class I'm enrolled in college hammered on the need to include a call to action my copy. What do you want the reader to do? Sending money to you in Nigeria? Marry his sister? What is the point in the right direction. Strengthening the functioning of the keywords call. I'm not many things that Aida is the writing of the old school technique is still the worldwide web earlier this week.

keyword rich content that matters most. The trick is to use keywords to guide readers and to feed the search engines at once. Remember that the reader comes first, always. If you write on the back of your pages, the front of your pages will not work hard enough for you.

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