Yahoo Site Explorer Off This Year

Yahoo has announced they are closing one of the good old SEO Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, later this year.

This is not unexpected, and I personally am surprised that I would live so long. That said, the tool was launched September 29, 2005 will close "later this year," said Hemant Minocha, product manager for Yahoo Site Explorer.

Yahoo recommends that webmasters sign Bing Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer to use and out.

Yahoo seems you do not miss Explorer ancient site, but it seems hard to believe that Microsoft will provide detailed data binding competitors. Of course, there are many third party tools to access these data, such as Majestic and SEOmoz SEO, but with the loss of Site Explorer, it is likely that any given search engine to see the back links. Yahoo said:

The Bing Center team has been Webmaster adding new features in recent months, including detailed traffic statistics and a new feature of the incoming links. Microsoft has also pledged to create analytical reports that include using Yahoo search.

For more information, visit the Yahoo Search Blog. No specific closing date has been set, but the API is about September 15, it seems likely that the service itself will be closed on that date.

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