How to promote products to join Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is a major source of obtaining targeted traffic to your affiliate product, use these five easy steps to promote and make your Fanpage money online with your affiliate product you promote in Fanpage.

Deciding your Fanpage use your name as your best keyword Fanpage name because millions of users use the search function Facebook, so it is below your keyword.

Participate in groups
to participate in groups around the niche.Use commenting feature, Ask, answer questions, to be active.

Press Release
Press Let the world know about your fan page, write press releases and submit to the directories of the press.

Static FBML

FBML static use application.It help you personalize your fan page.

Use this feature when you comment on other users wall.Press @ see drop-down menu, write some characters the name of their fan site, and just when you find it click on it.It is clickable link to a page fan.. Read More SEO Tacties


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