New Report Option AdWords Gets The Segmentation: High Vs. Side Ads

Google is implementing the features of AdWords advertisers in the sector is based on where the ad appears on the page - whether it is above the search results or the right side. This feature allows advertisers to determine whether or not to see the benefits of competition will receive notices in a leading position are welcome.

"It looks pretty boring, but this is really a turning point, that this is the first time, advertisers will see how their ads are performing when they are displayed above the search results compared to the side," Jon Diorio, Product Manager, AdWords reporting and analysis, he said.

AdWords interface, Top / Side segmentation can be done the campaign, ad group, keyword and ad, and the option is displayed on each card. Users can also view the details of search traffic to Google.com on behalf of partners and partners of the network display. Feature rolled out worldwide use AdWords to join this week, and will appear on the next version of the API.

While AdWords has long shown the "Average Position" metric, which means a number between 1 and 3 do not always translate to a "top" position, because Google has some CPC and the threshold level of quality the announcement must meet before it is promoted to a "Top" position.

"We have a lot of advertisers for whom some of their ads are already used up there [in the upper position]," said Diorio. "Advertisers may find that the increased supply 10% of clicks done 30% more. Each advertiser must consider their performance in both places. There may be situations where the right side may be the most optimal for advertisers. "

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